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Breast Surgeries in Dallas
in Dallas, TX

Breast plastic surgery offers solutions to women who are not satisfied with the size, shape, and/or projection of their breasts. Dr. Aly offers several types of cosmetic breast surgeries to enhance or reduce breast volume, lift sagging breasts, improve breast symmetry, and create overall more shapely, attractive breasts. He also offers secondary breast procedures to correct unsatisfactory breast augmentation results.

Whatever your breast concerns are, Dr. Aly can help. In addition to the surgical breast procedures below, Dr. Aly performs body sculpting surgeries and cosmetic facial surgeries.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery (augmentation mammaplasty) uses implants to increase the volume of the breasts. Dr. Aly prefers to use inframammary incisions (along the crease under the breasts) when possible due to the superior results they provide. Fat injections (fat transfer) may also be used with the implants to enhance a patient’s breast contours.

Breast augmentation is ideal for women of any age who want larger and/or more symmetrical breasts. It may be performed on women with naturally small breasts or those with deflated breasts after breastfeeding, weight loss, or aging.

Recovery after breast augmentation usually takes about two weeks. The final results will be visible within three months.

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Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery (mastopexy) treats sagging breasts by removing stretched skin, lifting the nipples to a higher, more normal position, and rearranging the breast tissues to create a more natural breast appearance. This process reverses breast sagging (breast ptosis) caused by aging, gravity, pregnancy, weight loss, or heavy breast implants.

A breast lift procedure can address aesthetic concerns such as drooping breasts and breast asymmetry. It may also treat physical concerns such as rashes under the breasts and pain during vigorous exercise. This procedure can also adjust the projection, size, and shape of the nipples and areolas.

Breast lift surgery can be (and often is) combined with breast augmentation, breast reduction, or breast revision procedures. This is because a breast lift provides benefits that these procedures cannot achieve alone.

Recovery after breast lift usually takes one to two weeks. The final results of this breast surgery will be visible within six months as the tissues settle into their new form.

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Breast Augmentation with Lift

Breast augmentation with lift combines two transformational procedures for a full breast makeover: breast lift surgery repositions the breast tissue higher on the chest, may involve nipple or areola repositioning or resizing, and eliminates excess skin for a youthful, perky appearance, while breast augmentation restores volume, creating a more full, round feminine profile.

Many women opt to combine their breast augmentation with a breast lift. Breast augmentation with lift can address a wide range of concerns, including breast tissue sagging, breast asymmetry, small or deflated breasts, and elongated nipples.

This popular procedure reveals more youthful, balanced proportions with a voluminous fullness that enhances any body type. Many choose a breast augmentation with lift as a standalone procedure; others undergo this as part of their Mommy Makeover surgery.

Recovery from a breast augmentation with lift generally involves one week of downtime. The swelling and bruising can take two to three weeks to subside, after which your final results will be visible.

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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery removes excess fat and glandular tissue from the breasts to reduce their size and create more ideal breast contours. Breast reduction may be used to address breast asymmetry as well.

Breast reduction is ideal for women dealing with the physical and emotional stress caused by oversized breasts. These symptoms may include back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, breast pain, rashes under the breasts, and shoulder divots from bra straps. Emotional concerns may include unwanted attention, social stigma, and body sensitivity.

Breast reduction recovery usually takes two to six weeks. Final results will be visible within two weeks as swelling fades.

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Breast Revision

Breast revision surgery can be performed after breast augmentation to correct unsatisfactory results or complications such as capsular contracture or an implant rupture. Patients may choose revision surgery if their breast appearance no longer matches their aesthetic goals, no matter how long ago their initial breast surgery was.

Breast revision may involve one or more techniques to remove and replace breast implants and adjust or remove the tissue capsule that forms around implants.

Recovery after breast revision varies based on the techniques used. In general, the recovery period will range from one to four weeks. Final results may take between two weeks and six months to fully develop.

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Breast Implant Removal

Breast implant removal (explant surgery) removes unwanted breast implants after breast augmentation, whether for cosmetic, medical, or lifestyle reasons. Explant surgery is commonly a precursor to breast revision surgery, but not always.

If the patient chooses the explant surgery as a standalone procedure, they may experience increased tissue sagging. Dr. Aly may or may not recommend a breast lift or fat transfer after the implants are removed to regain a natural, youthful breast appearance.

Recovery after breast implant removal usually takes about two weeks. Final results are usually visible within one to two weeks.

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Interested in Body and Face Plastic Surgery?

In addition to the above breast enhancement surgeries, Dr. Aly offers cosmetic facial procedures and body contouring surgeries.

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