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Ethnic Rhinoplasty
in Dallas, TX

Nose surgery improves the size and contours of the nose. This procedure is designed to adjust this prominent facial feature to improve facial balance and harmony.

What Is Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Ethnic rhinoplasty addresses the unique anatomy and goals of various ethnic groups. For example, Middle Eastern and African American noses tend to be larger with thicker skin than Caucasian noses. Asian noses tend to be smaller.

Because each ethnicity tends to have specific nasal characteristics, this procedure requires an experienced plastic surgeon who understands these characteristics.

In addition to primary rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Aly specializes in ethnic rhinoplasty.

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What Can Ethnic Rhinoplasty Do?

Ethnic nose surgery can effectively adjust the following:

  • Nasal size
    • Make larger or smaller
  • Nasal bridge
    • Smooth bumps and/or depressions
    • Narrow or widen
  • Nasal tip
    • Change the projection, size, and/or shape
    • Change the angle between the upper lip and nose
  • Nostrils
    • Narrow or widen
  • Septum
    • Straighten the septum to improve breathing

What Ethnicities Is Ethnic Rhinoplasty For?

Middle-Eastern Noses

These are often large, but the surgeon must be careful not to over-reduce them so they don’t collapse.

Asian Noses

Asian noses may be under projected. Patients often desire an increase in the size of their nose.

Hispanic Noses

Hispanic noses are more variable but may also need to be increased in size.

African American Noses

African American noses are often under projected and lack definition, which requires augmentation.

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