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Top 5 Things to Know About Arm Banding Before Getting an Arm Lift 

Posted April 02, 2024 in Arm Lift

woman lifting her arm at a bent angle

Arm lift surgery can be an excellent option for slimming down your arm contours. However, if you’re considering getting an arm lift, it’s essential to know about arm banding before surgery if you experience this. This blog discusses why you should get an arm lift, what to know about arm bands before getting surgery, and what an arm lift can achieve. 

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Why Should You Get an Arm Lift? 

Hanging skin and excess fat on the upper arms can be troublesome for many people, especially those who have put in the time and dedication to exercise and lose significant weight but are still left with sagging skin and stubborn fat on their arms. Saggy skin cannot be removed through exercise, and it can be frustrating to feel like you can’t show off your weight loss results because of excess skin hanging over your arms. 

In addition to disliking the appearance of saggy arms, many people feel limited in what clothes they can wear. Shirt sleeves tend not to fit quite right when excess fat and skin are present. On the other hand, people may not feel comfortable wearing short sleeves due to how their arms look. Some even find the excess arm skin is itchy and easily irritates with the additional friction. If these issues relate to you, you may be a good candidate for arm lift surgery

What to Know About Banding on Arms 

Apart from saggy arms, another insecurity some people experience is banding on their arms, which affects arm shape and appearance. These arm creases are often congenital and can appear as tight rings around the arms, resulting in a deformity or odd folds in the overall arm contour. People who experience these bands on their arms may dislike the way their arms look, resulting in them turning to surgical procedures to remove them. However, a few key things are essential to know about these arm bands before looking for solutions to eliminate them. 

1. The Bands Are Natural 

It’s important to understand that these arm bands occur naturally. They are not arm creases over the entire limb caused by surgery or trauma. However, they do not usually appear in thin arms. The bands only become apparent when people gain weight and tend to persist when they lose weight. 

2. The Bands Occur for Unknown Reasons 

There is no definitive answer for why these bands, or wrinkles, appear on the arms. 

3. Locations of Bands

These bands tend to be located in the same spot. They are usually at the end of the upper arm close to the elbow, right at the border of the bicep muscle. 

4. Bands Can Look Different on Each Arm 

Some may notice that the arm bands on each arm look slightly different. Sometimes, the bands are present on both sides, more on one side than the other, and sometimes only on one side of the arm. 

5. Arm Lift Surgery Isn’t a Solution for Arm Bands 

While these arm bands can be frustrating, it’s crucial to know that arm lift surgery isn’t necessarily a solution for these bands. An arm lift is not meant to eliminate these bands, and in some cases, the bands may be even more apparent after surgery due to the slimmer contour of the arm. 

We believe it’s important for patients to be informed about these arm bands before undergoing arm lift surgery. Some patients are unaware of the bands and will notice them only after closer inspection after surgery. Others know the bands are there but think an arm lift may treat them. 

What Can an Arm Lift Achieve?

Despite not being a solution for arm bands, arm lift surgery still provides transformative results in improving the shape of the arms. An arm lift is an excellent option for removing excess sagging skin and stubborn pockets of fat in the upper arms. The remaining skin on the arms is tightened, leaving patients with toned arm contours that they can proudly show off. 

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