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When Is the Right Time to Consider Post-Weight Loss Plastic Surgery?

Posted September 07, 2022 in Body Contouring After Major Weight Loss

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Losing weight is something to be proud of, and if you lost a significant amount of weight (whether from traditional diet and exercise or from bariatric surgery), then that accomplishment is something to be even prouder about! 

However, while you may feel lighter and register a lower number on the scale, losing extreme amounts of weight can leave you with sagging skin that can detract from your appearance and may even make you feel self-conscious and embarrassed. 

Silhouette of woman demonstrating weight loss.

If you have lost an excessive amount of weight and struggle with loose and sagging skin in various areas of your body, then body contouring procedures can help to give you the look and feel that you have been striving so hard to achieve. 

Dr. Al Aly, M.D., offers several different body contouring procedures (some that he even helped pioneer) to give you a more defined toned appearance after weight loss. Those include belt lipectomy, body lift, arm reduction/brachioplasty, upper body lift, and thigh reduction surgeries.  

Why Do I Need to Have Post-Weight Loss Plastic Surgery?

As mentioned above, when you lose extreme amounts of weight, you are often left with sagging skin. Not only is this excess skin unattractive, but it actually hides much of the dramatic transformation that was achieved by all your hard work. 

Additionally, post-weight loss sagging skin can cause irritation and other discomforts on your skin. 

It is important to understand that post-weight loss plastic surgery is not a weight-loss procedure. Instead, body contouring procedures are meant to enhance your body aesthetic after weight loss. Though you may lose some weight from the removal of excess skin, the amount of weight will be minimal. 

It is also necessary to understand that you need to be at a stable weight before you undergo any post-weight loss plastic surgery procedures, since additional weight loss can affect your results.

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Are Available?

One of the most important things to keep in mind after losing a significant amount of weight is that different people experience sagging skin and aesthetic issues in different areas of their body. 

Because of this, there are various body contouring procedures that can help correct your specific cosmetic frustrations. 

Middle-aged woman with excessive sagging skin after having lost significant amounts of weight

Below, you will find more information about each of the available procedures.

1. Liposuction

Liposuction surgery is one of the most useful and versatile cosmetic procedures available. That is because liposuction can be performed as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with other procedures. 

Even after extreme weight loss, you can still have pockets of fat that just don’t go away, no matter how healthy your diet is or how much you exercise. 

Liposuction is one of the only ways to get rid of this stubborn fat permanently. 

Liposuction can be used in many areas of your body, including the abdomen, legs, arms, flanks, and thighs. 

For this procedure, Dr. Aly will make small incisions in the treatment area(s). Through these incisions, a cannula will be inserted to loosen any remaining subcutaneous fat. This loosened fat is then essentially vacuumed out of your body to give you a more sculpted physique.

2. Body Lift

Also known as a lower body lift or a belt lipectomy, body lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure in which fat and excess skin are removed from the abdomen, flanks, lower back and buttocks, while the remaining skin is tightened. 

With this procedure, an incision will be made around your midsection, just above the pubic area and wrapping around your body to your back. Liposuction may be used to remove additional fat in the area. Dr. Aly will remove sagging skin in the area. The remaining skin will then be pulled tight. This allows you to achieve a smooth and sculpted midsection that you can feel proud of showing off.

3. Arm Reduction

Also known as brachioplasty surgery, this is a procedure that eliminates excess skin and fat on the upper arms, often resulting after massive weight loss. Arm lift surgery helps reduce redundant skin and fat from the upper arms, armpit and chest. 

This procedure may be performed alone or in conjunction with an upper body lift, discussed below. Dr. Aly developed his own technique of reducing arms that has been utilized by surgeons from around the world. It is recognized as one of the most effective arm reduction techniques.  

4. Upper Body Lift

Upper body lift surgery is a transformative surgical procedure that addresses sagging skin and other cosmetic issues in your upper body (namely the chest and upper back as well as the arms). 

Women are able to achieve natural-looking breasts, while men are able to achieve a more masculine chest. Additionally, if you suffer from loose skin and middle and/or upper back rolls, then an upper body lift can help you. 

For this procedure, Dr. Aly will make incisions in the target areas of your upper body, including the chest, back, and arms. Excess fat and skin will be removed, and the remaining skin will be tightened to give you a defined and toned appearance that can help improve your confidence and comfort with the way you look and feel.

Dr. Aly actually developed and named this technique.  

5. Thigh Lift

Many patients who lose significant amounts of weight suffer from loose and sagging skin on their upper legs. Thigh lift surgery focuses on improving the appearance and feel of your legs. 

Incisions that start in the groin and then extend down the thigh will be used to remove remaining subcutaneous fat and skin in your legs. Loose and sagging skin will be surgically removed, and the remaining skin will be redraped to give you a tighter and more defined shape to your thighs. 

After your thigh lift, you can wear the clothes you’ve always wanted but didn’t have the toned legs to pull off before.

Want to Learn More About Post-Weight ?

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